“Incy Wincy Spider”

Waking up on a cold winter morning in Sossusvlei (Namibia), little did we know that we were going to discover our namibia, african safari“adventurous & bold” side…. So we began our guided drive in the magnificent and enchanting Namib dessert (one of the oldest desserts in the world) looking at amazement at the rust coloured sand dunes on either side and the antelopes like the Springbok and Gemsbok sprinting about enjoying the incredibly cold weather…  Our guide stopped the car at one of the dunes where we could get off and “explore” the area (as we thought) but he had another kind of “exploration” in mind.

He took us to a spot with numerous tiny footsteps made in the sand in a confused pattern as if leading to nowhere…as we all tried in vain to guess what animal had managed to puzzle us with its whereabouts… we were not ready to expect what happened next … right in the centre of the bewildering pattern, a place where the footsteps disappeared  and a spot where one would least expect to look , our guide dug a little hole in the sand, which revealed a tiny little door (no not to the other side.. lol) but to a beautiful web. As we were all admiring the web, he pulled out another little surprise for us … yes!!

The creator and master of this intricate web, a SPIDER!!! ,called the “The Dancing White Lady” … quite a sleepy and care-free “little” thing had to quite literally be shaken up to be woken up.  He passed it around to us in our hands (with us holding it quite apprehensively but pretty boldly of course!!) before returning it to its interesting abode and letting it go back into its deep slumber.