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Indian Safari Destinations You Can Still Visit In The Monsoons

Tadoba, Nagarhole, Ranthambore
After a harsh summer with soaring temperatures and parched trees, safaris in the monsoon, have a charm of their own as the jungle is completely transformed with lush green flora and beautiful little rivulets flowing through it. As the end of June approaches, and the monsoon sets in, most Indian jungles remain shut from the 1st July to the 1st and 2nd week of October. This creates a lot of withdrawal symptoms for most wildlife lovers as we eagerly wait for the jungles to reopen.
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Your 2017 Indian Safari Holiday Planner – Choose The Best Weekends First

safari, wildlife, tadoba, kanha, luxury safari
With hectic work schedules or the children's school calendars, it is becoming very difficult for most of us to take long holidays.  Taking a break and escaping into the wild, refreshes us from our fast-paced city lives.  It helps us cope with the daily hustle and bustle of the city.   Being one with nature and appreciating everything it has to offer, gives us a sense of tranquillity and peace, that we strive to find in our daily lives. Long weekends are perfect to take these mini vacations ...
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How To Look As Groomed As A Tiger On Your Safari

kanha, tiger
It is truly amazing how groomed and flawless a tiger’s coat of fur is.  Even when the tiger has been rolling in mud or has been enjoying a swim in one of the numerous waterbodies, in the jungle, its coat always looks immaculate, clean and spotless without any of its strands of fur being out of place. We unfortunately, do not enjoy the same luxury of maintenance – free hair.  Every time, that I have been on safari, in the open jeeps, I have had to battle with my windswept hair.  They  collect ...
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The Secret Safari Defying The Monsoon

bera, jawai
The monsoons have finally begun and have provided a much needed relief from the searing heat of the months gone by. However with onset of the rains brings almost 4 months of sadness for safari enthusiasts. Most of the national parks also shut along with the rains. Most national parks in India remain closed between 1st July to the 15th of October and some open even later. For most people who love being on safari it is the toughest part of the year being away from the wilderness, the jungles an...
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“Big Daddy”

namibia, big daddy
As we drove further into the Namib Desert, learning about the different sand dunes  and other interesting  facts about it, we finally reached “BIG DADDY” (one of the biggest sand dunes in the world standing at about 360 metres high) He said we could to venture to climb the dune.….We were fooled by how extremely easy he made it sound. Our excursion started at the base of the dune which was deceptively higher than it actually looked. There we were.. Walking towards it, excited to take on “BIG ...
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“Incy Wincy Spider”

namibia, african safari
Waking up on a cold winter morning in Sossusvlei (Namibia), little did we know that we were going to discover our “adventurous & bold” side…. So we began our guided drive in the magnificent and enchanting Namib dessert (one of the oldest desserts in the world) looking at amazement at the rust coloured sand dunes on either side and the antelopes like the Springbok and Gemsbok sprinting about enjoying the incredibly cold weather…  Our guide stopped the car at one of the dunes where we could ge...
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