About Us

Our passion for wildlife, safaris and adventure has inspired us to start “Call of the Wild”. It is an incredible safaris in india & africaexperience watching tigers, lions, deer, a variety of birds and other wildlife in their natural habitat roaming freely without any inhibitions. The thrill of the chase, a lot of patience and the reward of seeing some beautiful wildlife is what truly makes a safari unforgettable.

Having been on numerous safaris, our excitement only seems to grow. After every safari, there are always new stories to share and wonderful memories to take back. We develop great admiration and appreciation for everything, big or small, that nature has to offer.

As we explore the Jungles in India and Africa, with their breath taking landscapes, we understand the need to respect nature and all its amazing creations and an even greater need to preserve them in any way we can.

Eco-tourism is what we believe to be a very big step in the conservation of nature and wildlife. Seeing and experiencing animals and birds in their own environment is the best way to truly understand them.

With our immense knowledge on planning safaris, we can help you to choose some incredible destinations along with the best times to visit, and how to plan a safari and create the finest of safari experiences that are truly unforgettable. The wonderful choice of hotels, are perfectly located so you can enjoy the tranquility of nature.

Let “Call of the Wild” take care of all your safari needs while you simply enjoy the experience and create some magical memories.

– Anvi & Shaurya Reshamwala