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Keoladeo National Park

Keoladeo National Park  (Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary) is situated near the present city of Bharatpur and extends up to 29 sq. km.   The area was originally created as a duck shooting reserve by Prince Harbhanji of Morvi state in Gujarat.  The shallow saucer like depression and the dykes constructed by the prince, allowed a lot of water to be collected and in turn attracting a lot of different birds.   Known more locally as “Ghana”, the Government of Rajasthan, with the advice of the National Committee for Bird Preservation, India, declared it as a Bird Sanctuary in 1956.

In the year 1981, Keoladeo was declared as a National Park and in 1985 UNESCO under, the World Heritage Site Convention declared the park as a World Heritage Site.   The Park mainly comprises of grasslands, woodlands, swamps and wetlands. Keoladeo National Park is popularly known as a “Bird Paradise. With its beautiful and diverse landscape almost 374 species of birds have been recorded in the park. 

Nearest Airport:  Jaipur
Nearest Railway Station:  Bharatpur

3 Days / 2 Nights  – 2 Safaris

Day 1
Arrive at the nearest airport or the nearest railway station and drive to lodge.  Rest day
Meals: Lunch & Dinner

Day 2
Wake up and leave for your morning safari. Enjoy your breakfast in the jungle which will be packed for you.  You can stay in the park and return to the lodge in the evening or you can come back to the lodge eat your lunch and return to the park. 
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Safaris: Morning & Afternoon Safari

Day 3
Wake up and leave for the nearest airport / railway station.
Meals: Breakfast

  • You can visit the park through the year depending on what birds you want to see
  • There are no jeep safaris in this park. There are well-defined treks which can easily covered on foot or on a cycle or you can hire a rickshaw (the best way). They are available on hire. Rickshaw pullers have been trained by the park management in bird watching and are quite knowledgeable. Boats are also available on hire. A boat trip early in the morning or late evening is quite a rewarding experience. 
  • Do carry a pair of binoculars for bird-watching.
  • The Park fees & rules are subject to change without prior notice.
  • As a government law, a copy of your identification proof will be required to reserve safaris.
  • As a government law, you will be required to carry your Original Identification proof during safaris.
  • As a government law, only morning safaris will be available on Wednesdays.