kanha national park

“Bear” With Us

It was our first drive in Kanha national Park in the April of  2012 and our friend Kumar with his apparent “sixth sense” predicted that we would  see a tiger, a sloth bear and a leopard (of course not exactly in that order) on this brief safari and  all of us in the car go “sure thing Nostradamus” (but secretly wished it would happen but we knew the chances were ermmmm “ZILCH”… Anyhow, Kumar was convinced his prediction would come true for which I (Shaurya) even offered to change my name if ...
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“Tiger, tiger…wherefore art thou tiger”?

tiger, kanha
There are days on a safari which are exasperating and then there are some days which are extremely exhilarating, but we never knew you could feel both those emotions in one safari. The whole idea of a safari is the chase of finding different animals. When the animal in question is a tiger, looking for it makes the search even more exciting. So many years of being on safari have taught us that when you’re looking for the tiger it has a funny way of eluding you and the most unexpected way of revea...
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