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Your 2017 Indian Safari Holiday Planner – Choose The Best Weekends First

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With hectic work schedules or the children's school calendars, it is becoming very difficult for most of us to take long holidays.  Taking a break and escaping into the wild, refreshes us from our fast-paced city lives.  It helps us cope with the daily hustle and bustle of the city.   Being one with nature and appreciating everything it has to offer, gives us a sense of tranquillity and peace, that we strive to find in our daily lives. Long weekends are perfect to take these mini vacations ...
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“Tiger, tiger…wherefore art thou tiger”?

tiger, kanha
There are days on a safari which are exasperating and then there are some days which are extremely exhilarating, but we never knew you could feel both those emotions in one safari. The whole idea of a safari is the chase of finding different animals. When the animal in question is a tiger, looking for it makes the search even more exciting. So many years of being on safari have taught us that when you’re looking for the tiger it has a funny way of eluding you and the most unexpected way of revea...
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