Indian Safari Destinations You Can Still Visit In The Monsoons

After a harsh summer with soaring temperatures and parched trees, safaris in the monsoon, have a charm of their own as the jungle is completely transformed with lush green flora and beautiful little rivulets flowing through it.

As the end of June approaches, and the monsoon sets in, most Indian jungles remain shut from the 1st July to the 1st and 2nd week of October.

This creates a lot of withdrawal symptoms for most wildlife lovers as we eagerly wait for the jungles to reopen.

However, there are a few safari destinations that you can still visit during this season…

  1. Ranthambhore National Park – This park remained shut in the previous years however, this year, certain routes of this national park will remain open even during the monsoons.
  2. Tadoba National Park – This park, will also be partially open for safaris in the monsoons.
  3. Some of the other safari destinations that you can visit during this season are Nagarhole National Park and Bera

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