Find Out Which Indian City Has A “Wild” Side

As passionate wildlife goers, we find the monsoons a frustrating period as most of the parks are closed throughout the monsoon season.  As we have withdrawal symptoms, our hearts and minds, are itching to get back to wildlife.

But, we have some good news… Our friends from Jaipur informed us about a local safari park open throughout the monsoon season where you spot leopards. This was music to our ears and we immediately booked the next flight to Jaipur.

Jhalana is a safari park in the heart of Jaipur’s industrial area, where one can go and track leopards.

When, we entered the park, it was amazing to see such a green forest with wild leopards in such a densely populated area.

As we drove through the lush green forest, we heard a peacock give an alarm call. When we reached the spot, we could not believe our eyes.  The peacock was perched up on a tree, staring down at a beautiful leopard drinking water.

After we enjoyed and captured our few moments with this stunning leopard, we made our way back out of this little forested back into the buzzing city.
For all you safari addicts, we would highly recommend visiting Jhalana.