“Big Daddy”

As we drove further into the Namib Desert, learning about the different sand dunes  and other interesting  facts aboutnamibia, big daddy
it, we finally reached “BIG DADDY” (one of the biggest sand dunes in the world standing at about 360 metres high) He said we could to venture to climb the dune.….We were fooled by how extremely easy he made it sound. Our excursion started at the base of the dune which was deceptively higher than it actually looked.

There we were.. Walking towards it, excited to take on “BIG DADDY”  when a bunch of Ostriches startled and terrified us by running at us…. However, they seemed more shocked to see us but to our luck changed their path as we stood frozen and blank. So finally, we started our climb up “BIG DADDY”  and within the first 10 metres, we were already “HUFFING AND PUFFING” … we have new found respect for sand… as climbing  a sand dune is harder than it looks … after regaining our breath we continued upwards towards the peak….. Which seemed to move further away from us … The little desert beetles that scurried past us, made it look too easy.. We wished ,if only we could hop on their backs and hitch a ride to the top..  Three quarters of the way up… we were ready to give up.. But our guide encouraged us to keep going.. Finally after almost 2 hours of fighting the sand and our  fatigue, we had reached  our goal…we suddenly felt invigorated ..

There it was… .The very top of “BIG DADDY”. The view  was stunning to say the least with the dead  vlei on one side, namibia, big daddythe incredible sand dunes on the other.. and a faint glimmer of the Atlantic ocean in the distance.  We couldn’t control our excitement and joy  as we were trying to absorb every moment of this adventure…in order to celebrate our achievement we decided to “pop” open a can of cola and it  never tasted sweeter. But the best part  was yet to come… our descent.

It was one of the most exhilarating moments we have ever experienced… We ran down the dune (sometimes tumbling down it.. lol) straight into the dead vlei with its daunting acacia trees.. It took all of 5 minutes getting down while it took us 2 hours climbing up but it was truly worth it..  our adventure had a wonderful end with a lavish breakfast in the desert and popping a bottle of champagne to celebrate our conquest.